In the wake of last year’s Muslim ban, a Canadian-born Egyptian entrepreneur decides to give free trips to Egypt to Americans who are concerned about an Islamic threat.

To find our cast, we traveled across the US, sent out radio ads, reached out on social media and attended a Trump rally.

6 people were chosen and flown to Egypt. There, they spent 10 days sightseeing and meeting their Egyptian hosts and learning about Muslim culture.

The cast consists of a Trump-voting couple from Pennsylvania, a born-again young Christian pastor, a former miss Kentucky, an African-American policeman from Louisville, KY and two marine vets, a conservative and a liberal.

They are joined by the entrepreneur himself as he guides, observes and participates in their experiences.

Director: Ingrid Serban
Producer: Tarek Mounib
Co-Producer / Music: Forest Sun
Editor: Pierre Haberer
Editor: Kurt Engfehr